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What is FedMatrix?

Welcome to FedMatrix. FedMatrix technically is a unique model that is comprised of, and empowered by, a "federated matrix of systems, companies and networks" bringing positive disruptive innovation to the world. We are doing this, in part, through our industry-agnostic evolutionary SMART “Precision Solutions Ecosystem™” models and designs, complemented by our innovative precision modeling processes. Our Precision Solutions Ecosystem™ models and novel precision modeling processes are both industry-agnostic and industry-specific and will be more fully revealed in time. Our Precision Solutions Ecosystem™ models and processes are complemented by a valuable, expanding IP matrix that will be revealed over time as well, as will our expanding matrix of industry leading partners and subject matter experts that include inventors and professionals across diverse industries, including MDs, PhDs, STEM Polymaths, MBAs, legal and patent experts and scholars. 

At our core, we see and are inspired by designs in nature, including in fractals and fractal replication and we are guided by intuitive pattern recognition motivated by the goal of positive mutual value creation among parties. From this perspective, we envision, and are now building our formulaic methods to replicate and scale novel methods and processes in ways that create powerful new self-sustainable economic models, business models and other extremely efficient value-generating structures. All of our Precision Solutions Ecosystems and models are uniquely designed, uniquely curated and are part of a uniquely federated matrix that is, itself, powered by, and based on, an "Evolution of ALL Things™" development philosophy, process and network.  FedMatrix is now evolving, by design, into an increasingly valuable federated “EconoMatrix” with virtually unlimited potential for exponential growth in multiple directions the future so stay tuned!

FedMatrix Strategic Partners & Projects

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  1., a novel fast growing health insurance technology and 2017 winner of the Diamond ABBY Award for Healthcare Innovations that is bringing significant cost containment and other material benefits to multiple stakeholders and intended beneficiaries within the healthcare space., a patented security technology based on quantum mechanics principles that is now implementing its anti-counterfeiting / product authentication security solutions across multiple diverse industries.

FedMatrix Projects


Cyber-Physical-Biosecurity Network Solutions (Quantum Authentication/De-Authentication, Taggant and Blood DNA Fingerprinting Technology)

Miniaturized, Room Temperature, Ultraconductors (Nanomagnetic/Superductor Computational Models) to power Remote/Mobile MRI/fMRI/SQUIDS

Industry Big Data/News


The Future of Healthcare is the Future of AI Jul 26, 2017 | Cara Livernois 

Artificial intelligence (AI) will play a central part in the future of healthcare technology, according to a recent report from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, a venture capital firm. With the digital revolution approaching, the survey team aimed to identify what healthcare AI will look like in the near future.

The data collection of AI makes healthcare smarter and more personalized, but how far can this hand of technology reach?

AI will assist a physician’s practices, increase the number of patients being seen a day, expand medical device use into patient homes and develop new tools for diagnosis and treatment.

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